Seminar: Intensified repression against Belarusian activists 

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April 22, 2016 18:18

Belarusian activists are being subjected to increased pressure. In recent months, several journalists have been arrested and harassed because of their work. A few weeks ago, two internet activists were sentenced to arrests for hooliganism for moderating social network groups actively advocating against Alexander Lukashenka. Meanwhile, the regime’s pressure on human rights defenders and political activists is, as usual, increasing before the election. Lukashenka’s purpose is clear – to silence critical voices before the parliamentary elections on 23 September.

Julia Slutskaya is a journalist and media expert who has worked as an Editor-in-chief of the Belarusian Komsomolskaya Pravda and as Head of the European Radio for Belarus. Since 2011 she is Head of the Solidarity with Belarus Information Office in Warsaw. Listen to her presentation about the situation in Belarus prior to the upcoming elections.

The seminar is organised by Civil Rights Defenders and Östgruppen. The seminar is interpreted from Russian to swedish and will be moderated by Joanna Kurosz, Programme Director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia Civil Rights Defenders.

Time: Wednesday, 18 September, at 9:00 to 10:00 (coffee / tea and sandwiches served at 8:30) Location: Civil Rights Defenders, Stora Nygatan 26, Stockholm

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You can view the seminar live or afterwards on Bambuser.

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