Winners of the Belarus in Focus journalism competition

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April 22, 2016 18:03

Held by Solidarity with Belarus Information Office in collaboration with Press Club Polska, Belarus in Focus is a competition for European journalists writing on Belarusian issues.

Winners of the Belarus in Focus journalism competition are:

1. Sam Knight: Inside the Snow Globe 
2. Shaun Walker: Theatre’s act of defiance in Europe’s last dictatorship 
3. Polonca Freilih: Like Fish in an Aquarium that can Sense the Sea 

Citizen journalists
1. Angela Espinosa Ruiz: Spain-Belarus. Contrast of Concerns 
2. Brendan McCall: When Theatre is “Thoughtcrime” 
3. Kiryl Kascian: Assisting a Little-known Nation 

The following articles have been recommended by the judging panel for publication in a Belarusian-English book resulting from the competition (authors listed in alphabetical order): 
Ulrike Grus: Otherwise you go mad
Gesine Dornblueth: Is the end of Lukashenka’s regime coming soon? 
James Kirchick: In Belarus, Alexander Lukashenka is Playing at Reform 
James Kirchick: Mayhem in Minsk a dispatch from inside President Lukashenko’s brutal election crackdown.

Katarzyna Kwiatkowska: Black Days in Belaya Rus 
Ugis Libietis: Minsk – silent protests and detention 
Michal Potocki: Lukashenka’s regime in utter ruins, Belarus clutched by crisis 
Shaun Walker: Bad Times in Belarus 
Shaun Walker: Truth behind the pageantry: jail for dissidents in Europe’s last dictatorship 

The competition winners have been invited to a workshop (February 20-21, 2011) in Warsaw. During the workshop, there will be a press conference at which winners will be presented their awards .

Many thanks to all who participated in the competition!

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